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Telesto LiDAR

The newest addition to our fleet of cutting edge technology.

Telesto is an intelligent LiDAR and imaging solution that captures 3D point cloud data along with CCTV videos x 4.

Utilise novel artificial intelligence models to detect and locate defects and deformations from 2D and 3D information.

Start building 4D models of your assets to track defects over time for advanced predictive maintenance.

Plot accurate GIS location by obtaining x, y and z position in OS grid coordinates.

See in the dark LiDAR technology means the asset can never be too big to survey, cutting out the need for additional lighting in some situations.

Already this little self contained unit achieved more in its life than many of it competition by winning two awards, the Institute of Water Innovation Award and The Pipeline Industry Guild Technology award.

Super MD unit

Our award winning multi-sensor inspection (MSI) unit designed for large trunk sewers, pipes and tunnels. MSI data quantifies critical problems like corrosion and debris levels that are missed by basic CCTV inspection. The unit can traverse through assets most conventional units cannot. trunk sewrs are the backbone of any city’s sewer infrastructure, and are the most expensive to clean, maintain and rehabilitate. However, they also present the highest consequence of failure within any system and demand proactive maintenance and management.

The SuperMDProfiler system is a second generation inspection unit that gives full 360 inspection of underground assets. The industry leading assessment equipment combines laser and sonar profiling with a high resolution virtual pan tilt zoom camera. The system provides both quantified measurement data and HD quality images of the internal condition of the pipeline.

Sometimes a picture alone does not tell the whole story. Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI) combine conventional CCTV with synchronized laser and sonar dimension Information. This unique full 360° quantitative view of the pipeline can help to pin point which lines in your system require immediate attention, thanks to accurate measurements of corrosion, debris and ovality.

In critical trunks and interceptors, visual only inspections are often unreliable. This leaves decision makers with the tough task of evaluating which pipes might appear to be deteriorating. With costly rehab decisions at  stake, wastewater managers need facts on  corrosion severity, not just visual  evidence of potential problems.

Midi system

Bright extends the industry leading multi-sensor inspection (MSI) technology by performing condition assessment on mid-diameter pipes. Within these pipes flow conditions can be unpredictable and inspection tools need to be able to capture valuable information in dry pipes or partially full pipes. Many of the conditions that plague these lines are very difficult to diagnose using purely visual inspection. Determining levels of deformation, corrosion, and debris can aid planning cost-effective maintenance and rehab, but can only be accomplished through the use of MSI technology.

The MDProfiler continues the progression of industry leading quantitative assessment equipment. Utilizing the standard battery, the onboard computers the MDProfiler system is capable of 3 hour continuous inspections of lines of over a mile/ 2km long as the unit is only limited by the length of tether available.

Multi-Sensor Inspections (MSI) combine conventional qualitative CCTV with synchronized laser and sonar dimension information. This unique full 360° quantitative view of the pipeline can help to pin point which lines in your system require immediate attention, thanks to accurate, quantified issues with corrosion, debris and ovality.

In critical mid-diameter trunks and interceptors, visual only inspections are often unreliable and leaves decision makers with the tough task of evaluating which pipes might appear to be deteriorating. With costly rehab decisions  at stake, wastewater managers need facts  on corrosion severity, not just visual  evidence of potential problems.

Sonar unit

Bright has taken it’s world leading multi-sensor inspection (MSI) knowledge and packaged it in a long distance sonar platform. Siphons in a sewer system can present a challenge to inspect and maintain. Identification of significant areas of sediment build up within surcharged lines will aid in the planning of cost effective maintenance. Access between manholes can often span considerable distance, requiring a platform that can capture data over long ranges. Inspections in fully surcharged conditions cannot be undertaken by conventional CCTV crawlers.

But Bright's MDSub provides an additional element to the current MD equipment, either as a stand alone product or an addition to the MD or SuperMD Profilers. Utilizing the same onboard computer and batteries packaged into a robust transportation unit, allowing for Inspections of hard to reach surcharged lines.

Conventional sonar platforms require a cable to the surface to control the equipment in the pipe. With all the modular recording components stored within the hull of the MDSub inspections are only limited by the battery life of the unit. The nature of the equipment allows for long stretches of surcharged lines to be easily inspected.

The data returned from the MDSub allows engineers to ascertain the true condition of their underwater assets, identifying and presenting major faults, debris volume and location, and water level. With this information in hand, data driven decisions can be easily made to ensure  best practice maintenance and rehabilitation  of these critical pipelines.



Bright Innovations group was founded in 2018 by Anthony Foden and Brad Commins, both of which have over 50 years combined experience in the drainage and utility industry and now have concentrated on Innovation specifically for the needs of their clients.

We feel that so many drainage companies offer the same or similar service's and this doesn't meet the needs of all customers, innovation is crucial to the continued success of our organisation!

Our vision is to help understand what our customers needs are, then research the market to find solutions for those needs.

At Bright we are passionate about what we do, but we couldn’t do it without working closely with our clients to better understand what the industry needs.



LiDAR 3D Survey

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MSI Sonar survey

MSI Sonar Survey

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MSI Laser Sonar survey

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MSI in action


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